How the ‘SHIVA TRILOGY’ by Amish changed my perspective about mythology

I am really fascinated with mythology and being Hindu I was exposed to a lot of it, which isn’t any mystery, provided that we have 330 million gods and goddesses in the Hindu mythology. There are tonnes of great stories that pique the interest of people, especially writers. Be it the epic of Ramayana or the Mahabharata, stories like these have always stirred political, moral and ethical conversations.

As a kid, I was conditioned to believe that whatever the protagonist of these stories(the god) did was justifiable in one way or other with the simple explanation that we are lowly beings who are not worthy of understanding god’s deeds in entirety. I bought it for a while, after all, i didn’t want to offend god and fuck up my grades. But as I grew up, I started watching all thus content online about these stories that explored their darker traits.

The most striking was the statement made by a writer that Lord Rama wasn’t a good husband. For those who don’t know about him, he is the protagonist of the epic Ramayana and is considered to be the most perfect being to ever exist. I still remember my mom going on and on about how these writers were devoid of the intellect required to understand gods completely. But i gained something from all of this…that I wasn’t the only one who had doubts about these stories.

Let me know in the comments if you want read interesting stories related to Hindu mythology!

I stumbled upon Amish’s work after I found the third book of his trilogy at my grandma’s home. I borrowed it from her and started reading it. I hadn’t read the first two parts but the way it was written grabbed my attention pretty quickly. Their was science involved and most importantly the characters(the gods) were presented in a way that I had never seen before. I got the first two parts after a while. It took me a while to finish it all, it’s a long read but it expanded my thoughts about mythology in a way that blew my mind. Although I had some idea about the story as I was aware of the characters beforehand but they were constructed in such manner that it kept me on the edge as to what would happen next.

So the trilogy consists of three books(surprise, surprise!!) and it traces the life of Shiva, a member of a tribe that occupied a remote part of the Himalayas.

In the Hindu mythology, Shiva is the part of the trinity and is responsible for the destruction of the world when the time comes. He was married to Shakti(the goddess of power) in the form of Sati first and Parvati later. he drank a deadly poison named Halahal to save the world from its effect that turned his throat to bluish hue. So the entire story is built up around this theme but presented more in a conspicuous and humane form.

The first book- THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA cover the displaceent of Shiva’s tribe and their resettlement into this highly advanced city, Meluha. As the story progresses, people’s true intentions unfold as to why Shiva was invited in the city in the first place. Sati is introduced along with other gods that rule over this city. The enemies of the peace, the Nagas are also shadowed all throughout the story.

The second book- THE SECRET OF THE NAGAS takes you into the mysterious world of the nagas. It unites Shiva with new allies and secrets about his life unfold that change his life completely. A war is on its way.

The third book- THE OATH OF THE VAYUPUTRAS binds it all together. people’s true nature is revealed and more secrets unfold. Friends are lost as the war progresses with an intense conclusion that brings Shiva’s life to a full circle.

So if you are looking for something to read and mythology interests you, then this is definitely recommended by me. You get to learn about a lot of gods if you have no idea about them or you see them in a new light if you already know about them.

It’s good read overall with politics, drama, adventure, travel, action, romance, tragedy and what not.

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What to do in your summer break as a student?

How to utilize your time the effectively…

With summer break ahead, students often face a dilemma as to what to do in the vacations. Well you could enjoy and chill at home and binge on series and movies all days long. but at the end of the vacations, what did you learn? NADA!!

So here are a few ways you could actually make the most of your vacations without sucking the fun out of it:

  1. INTERNSHIPS- If you are enrolled in a professional course, this is a good way to gain some experience, get exposure and build your resume and to earn some extra cash. It might seem like an added burden but there are tons of options out there and you can choose from a whole variety of internships. Be it marketing, content writing or graphic designing, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you are a beginner, you can choose internships that match your hobbies like writing, designing etc. It provides you a way to explore the professional world of these fields. You can judge yourself whether you want to build a career in that direction or not. If you are in the midst of your degree, it is advised to choose internships relevant to your field. Companies look for candidates that have experience in one form or another. So log in to sites like and build an effective profile, select your preferences including time duration, full time, part time or work from home and your desired field.
  2. SUMMER COURSES: This is another way to gain something of value during your free time. If you are not ready to get your hands dirty yet, try preparing for it. if you are a technical student, learn any computer language like python, c++ etc. use sites like Udemy to browse online courses that you can follow at the convinience of your room or you can join any coaching institute nearby. You can also explore a lot of other areas and learn new skills. you can learn to design or animate. You can learn photography or take an illustrating course. You can also learn some trendy software like photo shop if you have relevant interest.
  3. BUILDING A PORTFOLIO: If you are an artist or a writer but haven’t been able to focus on your craft due to lack of time, this is the best time to focus on it. Just buckle up and start creating. Practice will improve your craft and you can also save your best pieces for your professional portfolio that you would need in your future. If you love to paint, try different mediums or if you already skilled in a style, try others. Perfect your creations and have fun with it too. If you are a writer, work on stories or articles and explore various options to get your work copyrighted and published.
  4. TRAVEL: This is for those of you who can spare some money( and time). Travelling is not for everyone but if you like it, get on the road. Visit interesting places and learn about different cultures. Vlog your journey or give your photographic skills a test.

Apart from these, the only option that left is to sit home and chill but that isn’t the most effective way, is it? So if you really can’t do any of the above mentioned things, then just catch up on your studies. Or learn a new skill like playing an instrument. Also, hit the Gym and get in shape for you might not not be able to focus on your physique once you get busy again with your classes.